There Be Orcs

Finally we reach our quarry.

The party encounters the Orcs they had been seeking. The Orcs had the environmental advantage, storming down the tree-covered mountain as the party was on a more or less on flat grasslands at the foot of the mountain, in full view of the invaders. It was a bloody battle but the party kept their wits about them, killing all the orcs and preventing any fleeing Orc scouts from escaping to alert the rest of the Orc army. Sadly, Neyman the Hand of Manos died in the battle, having reached negative bloody value. After his death, they crept up to the top of the mountain only to discover an entire army of Orcs engaged in combat training down in the valley below. Were the Gnolls correct in their message that the Orcs were planning to do battle with the City State of the Imperial Overlord? The large Orc army looked fearsome in all their might.

Late in the evening near midnight, a howl and roar rips through the black sky. A frightening pitched battle takes place between a large adult Green Dragon and the Orc army. Catching the sleeping Orcs by surprise, many were wounded and several were killed by her blasts of acidic breath. The party now must decide whether to press forward towards the Orcs or to skirt the mountainside on their way back to the City-State. Everyone in the party is smart/wise enough to realize that it would be an unfortunate choice to put themselves between the Green Dragon and the Orcs; and they surely don’t wish to encounter the Green Dragon on their own. Creeping down to the battlefield to collect more orc heads would be a brazen move as well. In the morning, they must decide which path to travel.

After the Green Dragon’s attack, the warlord Crete realizes that the Orcs are probably not concerned with the City-State at this point in time as the party had been told by the Gnoll hunting party. Who would knowingly select to make enemies with a Green Dragon? Surely the Orcs must have a reason for their efforts, as the Gnolls did for their deception. Should the party inform the Imperial Overlord of the Gnolls lie? And where is their proof? [Crete critted on his insight check]



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