The Prospector's Claim

The party is led to the Kalaejawon Caverns where Stanley Stouthammer is trapped under some rubble. He’s broken his leg attempting to enter the cave, and will need to be helped by the party. With some cajoling and promise of treasure, the party decides to dig out a passageway to the caverns. Not only is this an opportunity to gather more wealth and magic, it might provide a way to avoid notice from the Green Dragon.

Escape from Orc Mountain
Which way to go?

The party must decide what to do with Neyman’s corpse, and whether to press onward towards the Orc army, or to find a passage back home, avoiding the Mermist Swamp to the north and the Green Dragon, wherever she might be. They’ll be more easy to spot by the Dragon if traveling near the tops of the mountain range – but it would be faster passage than attempting to cross through the swamp or the woods.

There Be Orcs
Finally we reach our quarry.

The party encounters the Orcs they had been seeking. The Orcs had the environmental advantage, storming down the tree-covered mountain as the party was on a more or less on flat grasslands at the foot of the mountain, in full view of the invaders. It was a bloody battle but the party kept their wits about them, killing all the orcs and preventing any fleeing Orc scouts from escaping to alert the rest of the Orc army. Sadly, Neyman the Hand of Manos died in the battle, having reached negative bloody value. After his death, they crept up to the top of the mountain only to discover an entire army of Orcs engaged in combat training down in the valley below. Were the Gnolls correct in their message that the Orcs were planning to do battle with the City State of the Imperial Overlord? The large Orc army looked fearsome in all their might.

Late in the evening near midnight, a howl and roar rips through the black sky. A frightening pitched battle takes place between a large adult Green Dragon and the Orc army. Catching the sleeping Orcs by surprise, many were wounded and several were killed by her blasts of acidic breath. The party now must decide whether to press forward towards the Orcs or to skirt the mountainside on their way back to the City-State. Everyone in the party is smart/wise enough to realize that it would be an unfortunate choice to put themselves between the Green Dragon and the Orcs; and they surely don’t wish to encounter the Green Dragon on their own. Creeping down to the battlefield to collect more orc heads would be a brazen move as well. In the morning, they must decide which path to travel.

After the Green Dragon’s attack, the warlord Crete realizes that the Orcs are probably not concerned with the City-State at this point in time as the party had been told by the Gnoll hunting party. Who would knowingly select to make enemies with a Green Dragon? Surely the Orcs must have a reason for their efforts, as the Gnolls did for their deception. Should the party inform the Imperial Overlord of the Gnolls lie? And where is their proof? [Crete critted on his insight check]

The Leech Farm
swamp, leeches, mosquitos, oh my.

The party comes to the lowest point in geography just before the foot of the mountain. They must cross a nasty-looking swamp before reaching the mountains. It’s the type of terrain that makes the orcs think twice before bringing an entire army north to fight the city-state, because movement is difficult terrain and swamps are hostile environments.

Once a party member reaches the 30% mark, if he or she makes a perception check at DC 20 or higher, they can see that up in the trees appears to be a hut 40’ above the water and muck. After the clamor the party will likely make while crossing the swamp, a medium-sized lizard comes out of the hut making a weird sound like a cross between hissing and barking. A round later, one of the hut’s inhabitants appears, he goes back into the hut to get the others.


Swamp Encounters* • Your right foot bumps into something in the murky water. Is it a stone? A lost piece of gear from a previous adventuring party? Or maybe just the stump from a long-dead tree. • You hear a quiet but distinct cracking sound from the muck and splooshing beneath your left foot. When you lift your foot, you find it covered with mustard-colored goo. Strands of the goo dangle from your foot, and some of those strands lead to shards of white, slightly speckled shell. • You notice a basket of woven reeds lying nearby. Its edge is broken and it is filled with dead leaves and other detritus. As you watch, the contents rustle as if something unseen was stirring them. Suddenly five bright green snakes slither out of the leaves, they drop to the water, making quiet splashes, and swim out of sight. • Turtles, mostly a handspan across but sometimes larger or smaller, slide into the water with barely a splash. You cannot get close to them on land, but you can see them scrunched together on a log a dozen yards out in the swamp. They bask in a strange posture in the occasional beam of sunlight, their heads and legs all sticking stiffly out from the shell. • Ahead the landscape flows like a green, velvet carpet of leaves and algae. Your footsteps make ripples in the surface of the swamp water, and it eddies out from you to slap lightly upon the wide, black bases of the trees that rise out of the gloom. Hoary beards of moss drip from the boughs of the trees, filtering the sunlight and casting an amber glow on the water through which you wade. You hear the croaking of several frogs. • Looking down at the water, it is pale green with many tiny floating leaves. A dozen small bugs swim away as you near the water’s edge. Your feet sink down very quickly into the soft mud when you step, and water rushes into your footprints when you move on. The muddy water slides back out into the swamp, giving off a strong smell of decay. • The mud gives way beneath your feet. Make an athletics check to shift 1 space to the side.

The party was able to heal up after making it through the Leech Farm without angering the Leech Farmers or getting bitten by turtles or snakes or whatever else inhabits the swamp. This was a difficult challenge but the party smartly double-moved wherever possible, which was the only way to make it through alive.

Let's Go Camping!

Setup: The party reaches the end of the trail where the path fades into the misty swamp. It’s evening and hot and muggy, and they really don’t want to trudge on overnight without daylight to keep them safe. As they had done such a fine job with the night watch the previous evening, now the kitties come out to play.

The Nexu is always first to strike, shadow-pouncing onto the party member who’s job it is to guard the party. Then when the other party members wake up to the screaming, the Boma rushes in with a deep snort. The Boma will attempt to grab one player and chomp it every round, swiping away anyone who attempts to rescue its prey. The Nexu attempts to keep the party off-balance by fey-pouncing every other round.

Here Kitty

When it gets dusk the party hears a chant in rough common, “here kitty, here kitty” which grows louder and more ominous (or hilarious, the voices are high-pitched). A tribe of kobolds wishes to offer up a sacrifice to the ‘little jumper’ and ‘big swiper’. Earlier in the day, the party had met a dying dwarf whose party had been ravaged by the kitties the previous evening in an ambush that the party had avoided by keeping an overnight watch.

dying request

The party encounters a dwarf who is dying. He is raving about the big 4-eyed monster that stalked his companions and ambushed them while they were sleeping. With his final breaths, he offers up a couple of pieces of treasure to the party in return for their promise to bring avenge his death.

The party hasn’t earned any magic items. They should feel good about this nice turn of luck before the Here Kitty encounter.

“There is no such thing as a free blade.”

The City State of the Invincible Overlord

The City-State of the Invincible Overlord

The party meets each other and signs up for the Mercenary’s Guild (nominal fee, 1cp) in order to be eligible for the 100gp bounty per Orc head. They do not realize how dangerous Orcs are in combat.

Their first encounter was to capture / kill a bunch of pet rats from the exotic pet store. They successfully worked as a group to return the “guard snake” and it’s food source to the owner of the pet store.

The cleric is Geased to proselytize Melora to the party and others by an evangelist.

Traveling through the city they meet the stuttering bard Whitney “Spitney” Beers. He is crying because someone stole his stumpfiddle. He doesn’t realize how annoying the stumpfiddle is to his neighbors. Spitney plays at various taverns throughout the city. The party is not distracted by his quest and moves on through the city to the Mercenary’s Guild without a problem.

In the party’s first day of travel they encounter a Gnoll hunting party. They successfully parlay and do not do battle with the Gnolls and their hunting dogs. Big mistake by the party’s Deva fighter to run towards one of the hunting dogs to pet it.

At the end of the day, they encounter an old man and his pretty daughter who were on their way from the city to Thunderhold. The Gnolls had killed and eaten their horse but had left the wagon broken. The party attempts to fix the wagon but fail the skill check. The party successfully camps out overnight and avoids the predatory “little jumper” and “big swiper” that they encounter in week 2.


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