The City State of the Invincible Overlord

The City-State of the Invincible Overlord

The party meets each other and signs up for the Mercenary’s Guild (nominal fee, 1cp) in order to be eligible for the 100gp bounty per Orc head. They do not realize how dangerous Orcs are in combat.

Their first encounter was to capture / kill a bunch of pet rats from the exotic pet store. They successfully worked as a group to return the “guard snake” and it’s food source to the owner of the pet store.

The cleric is Geased to proselytize Melora to the party and others by an evangelist.

Traveling through the city they meet the stuttering bard Whitney “Spitney” Beers. He is crying because someone stole his stumpfiddle. He doesn’t realize how annoying the stumpfiddle is to his neighbors. Spitney plays at various taverns throughout the city. The party is not distracted by his quest and moves on through the city to the Mercenary’s Guild without a problem.

In the party’s first day of travel they encounter a Gnoll hunting party. They successfully parlay and do not do battle with the Gnolls and their hunting dogs. Big mistake by the party’s Deva fighter to run towards one of the hunting dogs to pet it.

At the end of the day, they encounter an old man and his pretty daughter who were on their way from the city to Thunderhold. The Gnolls had killed and eaten their horse but had left the wagon broken. The party attempts to fix the wagon but fail the skill check. The party successfully camps out overnight and avoids the predatory “little jumper” and “big swiper” that they encounter in week 2.



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