Let's Go Camping!

Setup: The party reaches the end of the trail where the path fades into the misty swamp. It’s evening and hot and muggy, and they really don’t want to trudge on overnight without daylight to keep them safe. As they had done such a fine job with the night watch the previous evening, now the kitties come out to play.

The Nexu is always first to strike, shadow-pouncing onto the party member who’s job it is to guard the party. Then when the other party members wake up to the screaming, the Boma rushes in with a deep snort. The Boma will attempt to grab one player and chomp it every round, swiping away anyone who attempts to rescue its prey. The Nexu attempts to keep the party off-balance by fey-pouncing every other round.


h6.h5. No way Jose

I totally was in that fight and,well,it wasn’t so terrifying….... *My only regret is that i didn’t get to ride the big kitty cat…... * :(

Let's Go Camping!

As the DM, I fully admit that battle was shorter and less bloody than it should have been.

Let's Go Camping!

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